The Cash Alliance

Private Equity Investments, Partnerships​​​​

The Cash Alliance is an informal network of high net worth cash investors,  who are always seeking new  debt/equity participation or Joint Venture opportunities, both in the United States and beyond.

The network includes ; wealthy , localized private parties, hedge funds, angel investors, equity companies, and many many more.  

Their  preferred  range of  capital investments start from   $20, 000  into the hundreds of millions of dollars.    
Investment Overview
   Our Check Writers prefer investing in U.S.  real estate and in operating, profitable businesses ,​​
    asset loans,  etc.   They will consider, on a case by case basis, strong, international equity
Investments as well.

    They also prefer short term relationships and exits,  from 6-24 months terms,  maximum.
  • There is no set  underwriting matrix  .
  • ​There are  no set minimum credit or personal financial requirements.
  • There are no set minimum investment terms.
  •  Every request is reviewed with  its overall Value Proposition and Risk Assessment                                             approved  strictly on an case by case basis.

What matters most is that the opportunity must make  simple, old fashioned,  COMMON SENSE

 with adequate collateral protecting their capital, a logical exit strategy,  and a strong , experienced
management team who can prove they have the right stuff to make the investment a success.

Below are just a few  of  THE CASH ALLIANCE's  near unlimited  investment  and service options:

No money down, partnerships, joint venture, no credit needed, 100% funding, no down payment

PRINCIPALS ONLY PLEASE, or, their direct authorized representative.

If you have a need for cash  for almost ANY solid real property  or business investment/acquisition/financing , project funding, or other opportunities,and ,you want to talk direct with  THE CHECK WRITERS...... 

Please  contact us at : [email protected]  or, [email protected] 

Tell us  exactly , in just a few sentences, what you need, why you need it, and
what you need from us and we will respond via email within 24 hours.  

 All information is held in strictest confidence and never shared with any unauthorized 3rd parties.

We will contact you via email  within one business day .